Selling Tips


Tips For Selling Your Home

The first impressions of buyers are vital. Not many people realise that the highest offer they will receive on their home is generally early on in the marketing campaign. That's why it's so important that before you place your property on the market, you ensure it looks the part!

Here Is A Checklist To Help You Prepare Your Home For Marketing:

* Paintwork at front of house, on fence, gate, bargeboard, gutters, etc. in good condition
* Garden at front is attractive (ideally in flower)
* Driveway/paths clear of rubbish and oil
* Lawns, edges, shrubs cut
* If you have pets (particularly dogs), ensure that the yard is cleaned of any mess and any damage to the lawns/gardens is repaired

Front Door
* Clear of rubbish, neat and clean
* Flywire in good condition
* Door bell in working order
* Hinges don't creak on front door/s

General Interior
* Walls clean
* Carpets stains removed
* All major door hinges open and close easily & quietly
* ls it worth dry cleaning carpets? (in most cases - yes)
* Is it worth having the tiles professionally cleaned? (particularly for older or porous tiles)

* Sinks and taps clean
* Tiles clean
* Appliances clean and tidy
* Small appliances should be put away to avoid the 'cluttered' look

* Taps/washers in good order (no leaking taps)
* Mirrors and tiles clean
* Floor clean
* Garbage containers emptied
* Bath and basin stains removed
* Cupboard contents neat and tidy

* Have fresh cut flowers out on tables if possible
* Turn on air-conditioning if installed and adjust temperature to suit depending on summer or winter weather conditions
* Turn on pool waterfalls or fountains if you have them (subject to relevant council water restrictions)
* Open blinds and drapes to make the home as 'light' as possible
* Play quiet and appropriate background music when buyers are inspecting
* The smell of percolated coffee, freshly baked bread or oven cooking roast meat all help to create a 'lived-in' atmosphere
* If you smoke or have pets (especially dogs), we suggest room deodorisers
* Take your dogs out for a walk when buyers are inspecting
* Leave the house empty if possible during inspections, as this allows the prospective buyer to talk freely and consequently feel more comfortable in the home

We hope you have found these tips helpful! Please feel free to speak to your sales consultant for further details or for additional tips